Raising Chickens

Woman Holding a Chicken

The Five Steps to Raising Backyard Chickens

Raising chickens is an adventure. Enjoy the daily fresh eggs you get and the fun of raising chickens.

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White Chicken

Can Humans Get Sick From Raising Chickens?

There is no doubt that raising chickens comes with its own set of risks and health issues. In almost all cases, the health risks can be minimized with proper measures and safety practices.

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Chicken in Yard

Common Health Problems Your Chickens May Face

A bird that is sick will often display signs of weakness and they may not eat their feed eagerly. Here are some common health problems, and their symptoms, to watch for in your chickens,

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what can chickens eat

What Can Chickens Eat to Stay Healthy?

You are probably wondering what can chickens eat? One good thing when it comes to chickens, is it’s not hard figuring out what to feed them.

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raising chickens

Raising Chickens for Deliciously Fresh Eggs

People seem to want to become more self-sufficient these days and they want to become healthier. Raising chickens seems to be a way to help people get both.

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